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24 June, 2023

Tips for travelers

Enjoy a pleasant stay in your accommodation

Elite Apartments takes very seriously the traveler’s experience in the chosen destination so it is very important that during the travel process to any of the destinations we handle around Colombia always have pending tips that will help you make the most of the travel experience such as time, confirmation of the reservation, care personal possessions etc.

On the other hand, in our commitment to the traveler we have designed a very detailed list that includes the tips mentioned above and some that will probably serve to make your stay in the property booked with us your allies in the adventure. Our list is as follows:

• Be on time for your check-in and check-out.

• Ask for your keys or code to enter and never forget them.

• Enjoy yourself, but follow the rules of the place.

• Take care of the objects of the place as if they were your own.

• Take into account the recommendations and availabilities that our advisor gives you about the property.

• Always have your identification document for confirmation of data and reservations made.

At Elite Apartments we love to have a good communication, that’s why we always recommend to give all the indications before arrival, to have everything ready to receive you.

We strive to provide a personalized and quality service. We are specialists in travel and in creating the most pleasant stay.

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