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30 November, 2023

Tips for travelers

Travel to Cartagena in High Season: An Essential Guide

  1. Book in advance at elite Apartments: to avoid inconveniences with your reservation and to ensure your stay in our properties in the walled city it is essential to book in advance from the elite website or through direct contact with our elite reservation managers. This will guarantee your stay and experience in our properties as the best.
2. Appropriate clothing: Cartagena has a hot climate and high humidity. For this reason we recommend you to wear comfortable clothes for your visit to the historic city. You should always remember to bring sunscreen and be hydrated if you go out to visit the city at midday or in the afternoon due to the high temperatures of the city.
3. Exploring the city: in the city there are many places to visit, so we recommend some of the most popular places in the city: historic center, the beaches of Baru, the oceanarium, the Getsemani neighborhood as one of the oldest, Simon Bolivar park among other places.
4. Local gastronomy: Cartagena offers a variety of restaurants with culinary variety of the Colombian Caribbean and typical dishes of Cartagena, no doubt if you come to the city you must enjoy its wonderful typical dishes such as fish, coconut rice, seviche costeño, egg arepa among others.
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