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14 November, 2023


Daily Rental Rentals

The daily rental of vacation rental properties has become a global economic trend for years, with a growing trend day by day, all this because many people are choosing to offer their residences as a vacation mode as an investment where the economic interests are beneficial to the traveler and the host, this approach to temporary accommodation offers flexibility in use regarding times, dates or holiday seasons allowing you to establish ranges of reservations and block dates as you see fit.
This business model has allowed the emergence of companies with this business model of apartments for days or daily rent such as Airbnb, and Renta Diario. These companies are consolidating this market sector by dominating 95% of short-term rentals, which demonstrates their reach and influence worldwide.
The preference of travelers for this type of rentals over traditional hotel stays driven by the search for more authentic or personalized experiences when traveling to a new destination has made the competition increase by improving the conditions of stay and this has allowed to provide different types of accommodations according to what the traveler wants to know, these range from villas on the beach, Glamping in natural parks or forests, family cabins and all this based on tastes and budgets to suit all types of travelers or family groups.
Vacation ownership is more than a fad; it is a robust and growing industry that is redefining the way people travel and investors earn income from their properties. Its continued evolution promises innovations and adaptations that could continue to benefit both owners and travelers in the future.
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