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2 August, 2023


Exceptional locations

For Elite Apartments, Glamping and Cabins represent exceptional places of lodging that stand out for their unique location and design. These types of exotic properties are located in natural spaces, where the presence of forests, mountains, rivers or lakes contribute to their aura of serenity and distance from the urban bustle.

The close coexistence with nature not only offers an environment of incomparable beauty, but also offers the possibility of carrying out a variety of outdoor activities that enhance the experience of the stay and teaches those who decide to stay with us as elite travelers the importance of nature and what it represents for our environment.

Our exceptional locations are very popular with couples, due to their rustic and romantic charm. Many of these accommodations are built with a design that seeks to harmonize with the surroundings, and often incorporate elegant and cozy features, such as hot water, panoramic views, or outdoor hot tubs. These elements, combined with the tranquility and privacy that these places offer, create an ideal setting for a romantic getaway, making each stay a memorable experience. The diversity of these places makes them unique, so elite Apartments offers a unique listing around Colombia for you to choose the one that best suits your style or the place you wish to visit.

It should be noted that Glamping and cabins are not only for the exclusive use of couples. Some of these properties are also designed to accommodate groups and families, with multiple rooms and common living spaces. They offer the opportunity to enjoy nature in a safe and comfortable environment, allowing visitors of all ages to disconnect from everyday life and reconnect with each other. Whether barbecuing outdoors, telling stories around a campfire or exploring the nearby trails, these places promote quality moments that strengthen family ties and friendships.

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