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23 November, 2023


Trends in access to vacation ownership

The changes that arise with the opening of a new digital era revolutionize all markets regardless of the sector, in this particular case for the business of renting properties for days, which is undergoing a significant transformation over the past few years thanks to technological innovations we focus today on the popularity of the use of locks with digital displays and custom passwords. This business is betting on innovation every day to ensure greater comfort in security issues for both hosts and guests.
Therefore, this leap forward should be highlighted thanks to the leading platforms in the vacation rental or temporary rental market, such as Airbnb and Renta Diario, which are actively adopting these advanced technological solutions. The use of digital locks for most of the properties listed in all these platforms is growing due to the multiple benefits, among which we can highlight the unique code access to guests, these can be generated and shared in a more agile way improving delivery times between reservations eliminating the need for an intermediary and the physical delivery of the key to the property improving the process of check in and check out.
Property management and monitoring is applied in a much more effective way as hosts can control access to their properties remotely providing peace of mind for travelers and hosts through temporary or customized keys for short stays generating confidence in those who wish to travel and experience new destinations around the world.
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