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26 August, 2023

Tips for travelers

Trip to the Colombian Coffee Region

Those who love to travel and go around the world discovering new things know that going to a new destination implies almost becoming a native while in that place. Understanding that this implies turning the experience into a cultural learning experience that opens the mind and gives a sense of belonging for what was previously unknown or ignored.

If you are an adventurer and you are thinking of traveling around Colombia or you have planned a trip on your next vacation, we recommend you to go to the Coffe region. In Elite Apartments we always think about our travelers, that’s why we have designed a series of tips to make your trip more pleasant and profitable through a guide of things to do, this time, in the Coffe region.

If you go to the Coffe region, you cannot miss the following activities. Make the most of your time to enjoy everything this area and its surroundings have to offer:

Featured Activities

  • Before anything else, have a good cup of coffee.
  • Visit a coffee plantation and get to know the coffee plantations: Tour the crops and meet the chapoleras (coffee pickers).
  • Take a tour in the famous “Willys“, the traditional transportation of the area.
  • Living the experience in the national coffee park and PANACA
  • Visit the spectacular viewpoints in municipalities such as Filandia, Salento, Buenavista: the house viewpoint of charm, hand of Acaime and viewpoint of Salento.
  • Touring the Cocora Valley
  • Visit nature reserves such as the Santa Rita reserve, the Santa Rosa de Cabal hot springs and the Molinos waterfall.
  • A walk through the museums of Salento

After reading this and taking it into account, you are ready to live a great coffee adventure in one of our most outstanding national destinations.

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